An Open Letter to Leaders Trying To Improve Diversity
Andy Ayim

When I hire, I hire the best person I can. While this writer definitely is one of the better ones I have read on here as of late, the reality is that most people think of diversity as hiring people from other ethnic backgrounds and then people that aren’t male.

There are countless people over the age of 35 that are unemployed and unemployable in companies where the CEO is under 30 because s/he often thinks that person is too old and will drag them down.

Pity most millennials don’t think like that — and they beam with pride that they actually discriminate very openly. If I worked for the EEOC I would have so much fun going to each of those companies and fining them for discrimination — and the funny part is that they wouldn’t even understand why and would rant on here saying that they were being treated unfairly.

Does the UK have such an entity? I hope it does.