InstaMap — Bringing SnapMaps to IG! 🎉

Snapchat’s — SnapMap feature recently released to the public. Instagram Stories has been out for awhile now (347 days, exactly as I’m typing this), and yet, IG Stories still has the same blah design with a horizontal scroll view at the top. Annoying, impossible to see all my friends, takes forever to scroll, story posts and live stories are intertwined and messy, so on and so on.

That’s why we are proud to announce InstaMap — An interactive take into watching your friends Instagram stories and live stories.


As said before — Instagram Stories is a great feature added to the Instagram product line. But the User Experience behind it is still a year behind. We understand stories being on the top of the home page screen so more users can visually see the feature and stimulate the thought of clicking a story, stories achieve more clicks which leads to advertisers paying more dollars, and users see their views go up (hypothetically).

But this was only good at launch, now Instagram Stories is a huge product in itself. It deserves a dedicated page of its own. We all know what IG stories is and what it achieves, users don’t care it resembles snap stories, it works — we get it. Take it to the next level now — make it the most interactive feature on IG.


This is something we thought of non-stop, studied privacy and security apps, read numerous protocols taken in social apps, and spoke to our family & friends ranging from ages 12–36 about our idea and how they felt about their safety with this application. We thought of every possible scenario from a female and male perspective.

  1. That is why at launch we require people to login to their account and do not allow users to search.
  2. Users have the ability to move around the map and watch random city stories around the world — and some celebrities. We did this to keep it interesting for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable logging in. And to anyone wondering, no, we do not keep any user sign in credentials.
  3. We also only show the location of posts where the “Location Sticker” is present in a story post — we chose not to share the location of every users post because that is at the end of the day creepy. Even if we receive a ton of feedback from our users saying they would be okay with this feature we still aren’t sure if we would do it — and we are user eccentric.
  4. At the end of the day we believe an app like this is perfectly fine. When on IG and including your location in a story — you can click on it and IG already shows you on a map where that location is. All we do is emphasize on the map and create new interactions by looking around the world.


Now this is more of a funny side note on our process of coding and designing the app. It took us a week from writing the first line of code to publishing to the Apple App Store. Within that week we have flown from California, Florida, and New York. We designed and coded in airports, on airplanes, in NYC subway stations, while taking a train, sitting by the ocean, and the best one yet — the Starbucks right next to the Facebook New York City office. We didn’t plan to work by the office — it was honestly a pure coincidence because we had a meeting nearby — but damn did it feel nostalgic lol.

The End

InstaMap is something we thought someone would have already released, but after about a month now of having fun with SnapMaps and nothing yet for Instagram — we felt it was only right to make it for the public. This is meant only to be fun and to enjoy the Instagram product and everything it has to offer, nothing more. We hope you enjoy it, we really do, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out:


David Parshenkov + Ahmed Fathi Bekhit

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