The South Beach Diet

People living in the United States are consumed with finding new diets. Although most of the popular diets in the past have been only fads that wear off in popularity after a few short months, new diets are still consistently being found and created for weight-loss purposes. One diet that is particularly popular and has been for quite a while is known as the South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet was created by Arthur Agatston in 2003. This diet in particular focuses on helping the individual to consume large amounts of fiber as well as large amounts of lean protein. It also emphasizes consuming low-glycemic carbohydrates, including non-starchy vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, and dried beans. This diet also encourages the consumption of unsaturated fats such as salmon, olive oil, walnuts, and chia seeds. The South Beach Diet is known for specifically categorizing carbohydrates as “good” or “bad.” “Good” carbohydrates are defined as the complex carbohydrates, which are broken down more slowly by the body due to the greater amount of sugars found in the compound. Some examples of these carbohydrates include green vegetables, whole grains such as oatmeal and pasta, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and corn. “Bad” carbohydrates on the other hand, are defined as simple carbohydrates, which are easier to break down by the body. Some examples of these carbohydrates include honey, molasses, table sugar, milk, and yogurt.

The South Beach Diet is a professional diet consisting of three different phases. The first phase, known as the fourteen-day reboot, consists of a gluten-free diet that resets the body for quick and effective weight loss. This part of the diet focuses on the consumption of high amounts of protein as well as healthy fats. The second phase, known as steady weight loss, helps the individual to continue to lose weight in an effort to reach their weight-loss goal. This is done by the addition of adding the “good” carbohydrates back into the diet such as fruit, whole grains, and vegetables. In this phase, meals are provided, however two days of each week will not include meals, which encourages the individual to learn how to choose what to eat. Phase three is the end of the diet. This is the part of the diet that transitions the individual to normal life. It encourages the consumption of all foods in moderation, so that the individual realizes they can eat the foods they enjoy as long as they control how much and how often they eat those foods.

Millions of people have used the South Beach Diet to lose weight and millions of those individuals have successfully lost the weight and managed to keep it off. Dieting is a huge market in the United States, which can most likely be due to the extreme “obsession” with being thin and fit. In the United States, society has titled that being thin is much more beautiful and attractive. It can be due to this desire for thinness, that many diets such as the South Beach Diet have become so popular.