VR is about to change the way we learn forever.

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Education is the strongest driver of social mobility. But, not everyone gets the same education. Privileged families will stop at nothing to send their children to the best schools with the best teachers. Low-income families do not have that choice. They are forced to send their children to the public school in their disctrict — which tends to have more students in need of extra help, fewer guidance counselors, tutors, and psychologists, lower-paid teachers, more dilapidated facilities and bigger class sizes.

Luckily, this digital age brings opportunities to equlize the playing field and enable better learning with the help of technology for a low cost. Right now schools are using technology as a powerful tool to retain facts. …


Dhara Patel

Electrical and computer engineering student at Olin College! Connect with me on LinkedIn: @dhara-p

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