Yet we all fall apart, not all at once but slowly, bit by bit, decaying to a heap of sorrows.

“I used to recognise myself, its funny how reflections change. When we’re becoming something else, I think its time to walk away.”

Never the type to post song lyrics but they are so fucking apt, I just had to. Thinking about it and saying it out loud to people around me, gave me a form of enlightenment; an epiphany if you will. When someone’s goals don’t align with yours, when their morals and principles lag so far away from yours – this is your sign to leave.

Never the type to initiate a breakup but when I sit back and reflect upon the past year or so, thoughts that overwhelm me don’t make me smile but make me disgusted with my past self. How foolish was I to let a woman control my ever move, puppeteering my actions in the dark; portraying a different image of me to the people around me. Im glad I realised I was no longer me, and I am someone completely different.

Never was I the type to hate on someone but I hate the guilt that you made me feel for being happy.

Never was I the type to give up on love but you taught me that respect, trust and honour was nothing to a onesided relationship and I grew weary of the lack of love.

To new beginnings.

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