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Halloween Horror Story

Tempest Community Writers invites you to our first Halloween Writing Contest, sponsored by DiceOrder.

What we’re looking for

Submit exactly 400 words based on the prompt below to

Prompt: Half the fun of Halloween is being just a little bit scared. Things that go bump in the night. Meeting the…

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The Newsletter

Many of you who follow me know that I created Tempest in Under 1000, which has grown to 100+ writers. Sadly, because of the changes in Medium’s terms of service, I am removing Tempest from Medium. However, our story doesn’t end here. …

And I hope you’ll stay in touch

By now, many of you will have either read or heard about Medium’s new Terms of Service. If not, here’s a link to them:

What do these new terms mean to Medium writers

There’s a lot of controversy on Medium right now around exactly what these terms mean to writers on the platform. I’m not going to tell…

Tempest has been growing at a rapid pace. With over 130 writers, the number of daily submissions also continues to grow. I’ve been looking for someone to help with editing and publishing and have found the perfect candidate!

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Jim Latham to our editorial…

We have received 50 entries

Tempest is thrilled with the enthusiastic response to our first writing contest. We have now filled our quota of 50 entries. We’ll be passing them on to our judges who will spend the next several weeks choosing the winners. Stay tuned for an announcement on August 31st.

Thank you to all who chose to submit. For those who didn’t make it into the first 50 entries, please follow us on Twitter. We’ll be announcing another chance to win in a few months.

Please take the time to read the winning stories once we’ve posted them. Tempest is all about creating a supportive writing community. Let’s show our winners some love.

Tempest is always happy to welcome new writers. You can read our submission guidelines here to see if you might enjoy writing for us. Happy writing everyone!

Things here at Tempest seem to become more exciting by the day. Our first contest is underway, with new submissions coming in daily. We can’t wait to share the winners’ stories with you.

Today we hit another milestone — 100 writers, from beginners to seasoned authors. All skill levels are…

I’ll be sending another newsletter shortly with more stories from our wonderful authors here on Tempest. Today’s newsletter is just a short blast to let you know we have launched our first ever writing contest.

It’s not onerous — only 400 words, but exactly 400 words. We’d love for you to submit. It’s free and there’s cash to be won! Don’t procrastinate, though. Entries close at midnight, August 1st, or when we receive 50 submissions, whichever comes first.

Happy writing, and here’s a link to the contest details.

Free to enter: submit, cross fingers, cash check

Tempest in Under 1000 invites you to our Wondrous Word Wrestling Contest, sponsored by DiceOrder

Our storm wants to make it rain!

What we’re looking for

Submit exactly 400 words in any genre on the topic, “Is money ever clean?” to

The rules

Title is not included in the word count; hyphenated words count as one. Keep your submissions porn-free, please. Dirty like a martini is acceptable, dirty like a…

I’m excited to share Tempest’s first newsletter with you. Thank you for inviting us into your mailbox. If you were already subscribed to Tempest, you have been receiving emails. The newsletter replaces those.

Thank you again to everyone who has subscribed to Tempest. As a publication we’re growing rapidly. We…

A publication for short fiction pieces

Please note that Tempest is now closed to new writers. We are currently looking for a new home. We hope that you will follow us on Twitter (Link below) and submit your writing when we are again open to submissions.


I’ve been looking for a home for my short fiction. What better way than to create my own publication? But I want more than to just display the fiction I write. I want to share the space with other writers.

There won’t be many rules. Flash pieces must be…

Dascha Paylor

Writer, Editor, Physician, Life Coach. Also Mom, Grandma, and crazy dog Mom. My pronouns are she/her. Find more stories at

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