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Halloween Horror Story

Tempest Community Writers invites you to our first Halloween Writing Contest, sponsored by DiceOrder.

What we’re looking for

Submit exactly 400 words based on the prompt below to

Prompt: Half the fun of Halloween is being just a little bit scared. Things that go bump in the night. Meeting the unexpected. Think outside the box to create your own Halloween story and incorporate it into a work of flash fiction. Scare us. Make us hold our breath and look over our shoulders. Whatever you do, immerse us for exactly 400 words, start to finish.

The Rules

Title is not included in the word count; hyphenated words count as one. Keep your submissions porn-free, please. Dirty like a martini is acceptable, dirty like a Sanchez is not. Don’t go all literary, we want to follow your plot. …

In case you don’t subscribe to it

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Trey Skyes for Tempest Community Writers

The Newsletter

Many of you who follow me know that I created Tempest in Under 1000, which has grown to 100+ writers. Sadly, because of the changes in Medium’s terms of service, I am removing Tempest from Medium. However, our story doesn’t end here. Please read our final newsletter to see what our future holds.

How to continue to read my stories

You’ll find links to continue to follow my stories within the newsletter, but, in case you don’t choose to read it, I’ll reiterate here that my ultrashort fiction will be available only via my free substack newsletter, Fiction in 50. …

And I hope you’ll stay in touch

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By now, many of you will have either read or heard about Medium’s new Terms of Service. If not, here’s a link to them:

What do these new terms mean to Medium writers

There’s a lot of controversy on Medium right now around exactly what these terms mean to writers on the platform. I’m not going to tell you what to think about this. I’m just explaining my rationale for leaving. Your understanding, beliefs, and choices belong to you. I will not judge you for them and ask for the same respect.

For me, there is only one choice. I cannot accept the new ToS that go into effect on September 1st. I’ve removed my content from Medium, other than a very few items whose copyright doesn’t matter to me. …


Dascha Paylor

Writer, Editor, Physician, Life Coach. Also Mom, Grandma, and crazy dog Mom. My pronouns are she/her. Find more stories at

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