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An Invitation to Tempest in Under 1000

A publication for short fiction pieces

Dascha Paylor
2 min readSep 9, 2019


Please note that Tempest is now closed to new writers. We are currently looking for a new home. We hope that you will follow us on Twitter (Link below) and submit your writing when we are again open to submissions.


I’ve been looking for a home for my short fiction. What better way than to create my own publication? But I want more than to just display the fiction I write. I want to share the space with other writers.

There won’t be many rules. Flash pieces must be shorter than 1000 words. Micro-fiction tops out at 100 words. They must be fiction. No pornography. Nothing that is a veiled attack on someone else or their work. Write in any genre. Please familiarize yourself with Medium’s guidelines: I prefer that stories adhere to this. Please submit drafts only, rather than already published stories.

Please note the following for tags:
1. For stories up to a maximum of 100 words, make one of your tags microfiction.
2. For stories between 101–1,000 words make one of your tags flash fiction.
3. Stories between 1,001 and 5,000 words should be tagged outliers.
These tags allow your stories to automatically be sorted into the correct tabs in the publication.

Tell a story you want to read. If the story needs editing, I can help you with that. Anything published must be well written, without a lot of grammatical or spelling errors.

If you write for Tempest please join our private Facebook group, where we support one another and will be starting some learning events soon! Here’s a link to a post about it.

I’ve just added a new tab for longer fiction, because of Medium’s new algorithm, which seems to penalize those of us who write shorter pieces. Feel free to submit anything under 5000 words here.

I’m still not sure how best to add writers, so for now, I’m going to ask anyone who wants to write for Tempest to let me know in the comments below.

So please, please, please, submit your flash and micro-fiction to Tempest in Under 1000. I’d like to see a community of writers grow here. I’d like to see us support one another’s stories, to hold one another up to the light. Let’s do that, in fewer than 1000 words at a time.



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