Employee Advocacy: A Look Into the Numbers

There is no shortage of content advising for an employee advocacy program: among other things, they increase lead generation and attract top talent, all while saving time and money. Providing employees with the ability to post company curated content to their social media accounts allows for a large range of exposure for your brand, and through creative marketing, you can convince people to: purchase your product or service, or come work for you.

We’ll split this up between two major benefactors of an Employee Advocacy Program, Human Resources and Sales/Marketing. Now let’s take a deep look into the numbers behind these concepts.

Human Resources

An employee advocacy program allows your employees to post promotional material that can attract top talent, or drive more referral hires. That sounds great on paper, but what do the numbers say?

Referral candidates are 3–4 times more likely to be hired than non-referral candidates.

New hires sourced via referral programs produce 25% more profit for their companies than new hires source via other means.

Candidates from career sites start after 55 days; those found on job boards start after 39 days; and employee referrals start after 29 days.

Referral hires can save organizations up to $3,000 each.

The numbers clearly agree. Generating referral hires decreases the overall time spent trying to hire talent, these new hires save the company money through less overall time spent training. Furthermore, referrals tend to have a higher job satisfaction due to working with friends and generally being happier and more productive at work, which in turn generates higher margins for the company.


Employee referrals are not all an advocacy program can do, it can also generate organic leads at a much faster rate and promote a terrific word of mouth network among your current and potential customers.

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

Consumers rely on word-of-mouth 2x to 10x more than paid media.

The Lifetime Value of a new referral customer is 16% higher.

As you can see, employee advocacy programs have massive potential to help generate leads and drive sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

These programs are quickly becoming a staple among organizations; it is the only truly effective way to dominate the social media market, upheld by the concept of social truth. As seen above, consumers are far more trusting of their friends and family, than of company sponsored content. Utilizing your employees to become walking advocates for you allows for a cheap, effective, and widespread method of delivering your message.