The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse
Anil Dash

I lately have figured that a big part of the problem in massive communities is the lack of accountability. Like, in meatspace communities, you can identify problem people and then ban them. They can’t come back; you already know who they are. They have a face and a name. You can spread the news. You can ban their friends, if you know who they are too. I feel like online you have this problem where they can come back no problem, with sock puppets or whatever, not just on your community but on other communities as well. You can’t really permanently hold them accountable.

I know that good moderation is the biggest part of helping to keep your community clean but I’m not wondering if there’s some sort of technical tool we can use to combat abuse by not just shutting it down when it happens but by identifying and holding abusive users accountable in all communities, and stop them from coming back or bringing friends.

I am interested to hear your opinion on this, if it’s even worth spending time thinking about.

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