Between White Nationalism and Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Dylan Petrohilos
Aug 5 · 5 min read

How Frederick, MD elected an alt-right sheriff.

Sheriff Jenkins with former Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In 2008, Frederick, Maryland’s sheriff Chuck Jenkins implemented a 287 (g) agreement. 287 (g) agreements are a controversial program that deputizes local police as ICE agents. Over the past decade, 287 (g) has criminalized whole communities in dozens of different counties. In the case Santos v. Frederick County Board of Commissioners et al a judge found that Chuck Jenkins and his deputies violated the civil rights of Roxanna Orellana Santos when she was arrested.

Sheriff Jenkins claims that there is nothing inherently racist about his program. The reality is that Sheriff Jenkins has time and again been connected to far-right extremists. Some extremists openly identifying as the alt-right, such as Dennis Michael Lynch, and some just clearly promote their politics, such as Jeff Werner.

Screenshot from Jeff Werner’s personal blog.

Help Save Maryland

In partnership with Help Save MD, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins went on a speaking tour to different Maryland counties to promote the 287 (g) agreement he implemented in Frederick.

Help Save Maryland is a far-right group connected to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, NumbersUSA, and leadership has had an open dialogue with HSM’s own social media accounts often spread misinformation about undocumented immigrants, campaigns against migrants coming to Maryland, and tweet often about ms-13.

The July 2010 Sheriff Jenkins spoke at an event organized by the Help Save Maryland chapter of Washington County. The event was promoted and organized by Jeff Werner.

Jeff Werner is currently living in West Virginia and still contributes to Help Save Maryland as their social media director. Jeff Werner personal blog has spread conspiracies about white genocide, promoted islamophobic ideas, linked to neo-nazi websites like National Policy Institute, and Vdare. is a known white nationalist website and whose own editor-and-chief has spoken at Richard Spencer’s of National Policy Institute. Richard Spencer is, of course, famous for saying “Hail Trump” while giving Hitler Salutes. At least one member of HSM’s leadership used to regularly contribute to the website.

From Left to Right: Richard Spencer, Peter Brimlow (VDARE), Jared Taylor author of White Identity, Kevin McDonald, and Millenial Albooze.

Low and behold, we find the xenophobic sheriff connecting to these extremists. It doesn’t stop there. Sheriff Jenkins has a track record of connecting with right-wing extremists.

Some with institutional power like FAIR who produced Stephen Miller. Some who are local right-wing extremists such as Jeff Werner.

Either way, it should trouble residents of Frederick, MD that have looked the other way and believed sheriff Chuck Jenkins is not a racist.

Sheriff Jenkins bringing Dennis Michael Lynch to Frederick County for a showing of his documentary “They Came To America.”

The Came To America

In August of 2012, Blaine Young and Sheriff Chuck Jenkins brought Dennis Micahel Lynch to Frederick Community College. Dennis produced the documentary “They Came To America.”

Fast forward four years, Dennis would be openly identifying with the “Alt-Right.” While he later would delete pro-alt-right blog posts, his own documentary showed people using racial slurs to describe latinx people.

Though he later would delete pro-alt-right posts on his website.

Federation For American Immigration Reform

In 2014, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins visited the border for a trip funded by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). Without doing further research than looking at organizations’ sites and putting in talking points, the Frederick News-Post broke the story.

From the article “The White Nationalists No One Protested:”

FAIR was founded in 1979, by John Tanton, would also found NumbersUSA, and Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the “big three” of anti-immigrant groups, that would go on to mastermind everything from SB-1070 to the VoterID campaign which kicked millions of voters, largely of color, off the voting rolls. The group’s stated goal was to keep America as much a white nation as possible and preserve white supremacy within the United States by keeping non-white immigration down. Tanton stated:

“I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” — John Tanton, letter to eugenicist and ecology professor Garrett Hardin (now deceased), Dec. 10, 1993

Beyond the big three anti-immigrant organizations, FAIR produced White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller who advanced the Family Separation Zero-Tolerance Border Policy, Muslim Ban, and is admired by Richard Spencer.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

But other connection may be more important to Jenkins’ status as an alt-right sheriff than Jenkins’ membership to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, an organization which is co-founded by Richard Mack, a founding member of the OathKeepers.

The OathKeepers founder and current board member of CSAPOA once stated: “that there is nothing that the UN or the New World Order boys or the feds want to shove down our otherwise healthy throats that we cannot stop at the county level with a constitutionally educated sheriff.” Spreading New World Order conspiracies is a part of the alt-right.

Some of the largest figures of the anti-Semitic New World Order conspiracies include Alex Jones of Infowars, Paul Joeseph-Watson of Prison Planet, and many other political extremists.

In addition, Richard Mack also tried to organize sheriffs to openly defy and refuse to implement the supreme court ruling on gay marriage.

While Chuck Jenkins may not be aware that he’s palling around with racists, he’s associated with some of the most racist political figures and organizations in the nation.

It should be alarming to Frederick residents that the top cop in the county might be one or two steps away from the people who organized Unite The Right. Chuck Jenkins is part of the political milieu that’s led to numerous politically motivated shootings and terror attacks. Antifascists in the DMV need to be aware of the connection between cops and the far right.

Although Chuck Jenkins may be an extreme example, he’s not far from mainstream among police. The fact that he’s so motivated to keep Latinx families out of Frederick County should alarm residents who care about those families.

The only thing 1,300 plus people who’ve been deported because of 287 (g) have done to receive this attention is not have documentation.

Special thanks to Johnny Ringo for writing about sheriff Chuck Jenkins in the past. Their research was used in writing this article.

Dylan Petrohilos

Written by

Anti-fascist/anarchist graphic designer and researcher. Former J20 defendant, grexican

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