19 Of My Old Designs That’ll Make You Think

Art and Design Not For The Web

1. A Broken Crown.

Illustration Done By Dylan Petrohilos

2. Antifascist shirt design

3. Healthcare Is A Human Right Maryland Shirt Design

4. Shift The Power Shirt Design

5. Hand Painted Banner

Banner hand painted

6. Political Prisoner Birthdays In the Month Of February

Aaron Scwartz Illustration

7. West Virginia Water Crisis Solidarity Branding

8. The Collard Logo Design

9. Funk The War Protest Poster

10. Don’t Frack With Our Water & Fund Solutions Not Pollution Posters

11. Powershift Podium Design

12. Star Trek Retro Illustration

13. Educational Material For G8 Summit Protests

14. Rally To Save Montevue & Citizens Flyers

15. Big Stuff Logistics Logo Design

16. Black Lives Matter Frederick Poster Design

17. Solidarity Poster For My Design 101 Class

18. & 19. Personal Branding Overtime

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