Moving Frederick Forward After Bernie

The primary is over for Bernie, but for you it’s just the beginning.

Glad y’all are excited to fight for change. Now it’s time to look in the mirror and ask: What’s next after the Bernie Campaign?

Fuck National Elections: Fight Now

Power isn’t just something that comes every 2 years when you vote. Unless, you’re incredibly happy with your work life, the police in your neighborhood, lack of consent education, access to health, your landlord, or student debt then you probably have similar issues with people in your lives that likely need to be solved.

While some things we cannot do in our community alone, local politics can be as corrupt as national politics. First, the business community (Downtown Partnership) is flourishing, while workers would need to make 58k to afford a two bed room apartment. Second, Frederick still has a sherrif that takes trips with White Nationalists.

Maryland is the richest state in the nation and won’t invest in Baltimore.

The folks you met during the campaign, the friends you made, sustain that and go deeper than you would of before.

Kill that small town mindset. There’s no excuse for not taking a trip to your surrounding areas for guidance, training, and resources. Go to Baltimore for the weekend. Meet in DC on a Friday night to network with other comrades. See what they’re doing and take the most effective qualities from that, and apply it here at home. Those of us, who’ve left Frederick, want to support local organizing whenever we can.

Learning From Mistakes, And Listen To Those Affected By Issues

Talk about race. Don’t be the socialist who’s unwilling to invest in black people. In short: support reparations publicly and educate yourself about reparations .

My friend Jean-Max put it this way “As far as the Black Vote goes, Bernie was speaking to us as if it’s still the 60’s. Seemed like he made a lot of white guy mistakes like saying things like ‘white people don’t know what it’s like to live in the ghetto’ We don’t all live in ghettos, Bernie.
We’re not ALL Poor. We’re in poverty at a higher rate. And even those in poverty DO VOTE. We just weren’t too sure about voting for Bernie.
He should’ve spent time making issues like Mass Incarceration- personal for him like it is for black people.
Missed opportunities to directly connect police shootings to racism.”

Moving Forward

There IS hope. I’m happy that you’re in the struggle for greater justice. Movements take more than just a few weeks to change power structures — they take years.

I wish you good luck and hope you don’t let defeat stop you from trying other things like organizing in your workplace, confronting local landlords or building solidarity networks.

I was never personally very excited for Bernie — but I was excited for those who wanted to organize— I was excited for the skills these people were learning. The bonds being made and the connections they were making.

I saw so many Sanders supporters get upset when Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania went for Hillary. Almost furious when Maryland was called for Hillary at 0% reported.

Well, y’all gotta get out of the memes, and into the streets. Social change is a hard process, it takes years to win. I’m excited to see what y’all make together.

But there’s hope, the day Hillary won Maryland and Pennsylvania millennials passed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation and a majority of us aren’t exactly excited about capitalism and we’re the most pro-union generation since the great depression.

One last thing, don’t vote Trump, you’re looking for a better world not one where we need to be fighting round up of immigrants. Follow our comrades in Greece, neoliberalism is better than fascism, or just don’t vote. I don’t really care, but you should organize.

Suggested readings: 
People’s History Of The United States, Manufacturing Consent, Our Enemies In Blue, and Labor Law For Rank And Filer.

Special thanks to Jean-Max.