Twenty Years After 9/11

Tower of Remembrance, New Jersey, Daniel Forrester

Days of Joy and Sorrow

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was sitting at my desk in Cambridge, Massachusetts, working on a proposal with my colleague, John Devanney, when the news arrived. A young coworker had called from lower Manhattan moments after the first plane hit the first tower. She told John she would be late to the office because of the falling debris. John told her to be safe and not to worry about getting to the office. As I listened to this brief exchange, my mind began to do what terrorists long for — race, imagine, and let fear take hold.

Of Baseball and Normalcy

In the weeks after 9/11, I felt a combination of anxiety and sullenness — I didn’t hear people laughing on the street or in restaurants. Celebrations even for mundane events like birthdays were swept away by the sadness and anger that crept into the American psyche. We needed something to counter that sadness — something to give us a reason to smile again. We needed something to point toward order and routine and to distract and momentarily amaze. Enter baseball.

“Queens Flushing: Citi Field Fanwalk Piazza’s Home Run After September 11” by wallyg



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Daniel P. Forrester

Daniel P. Forrester

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