When is this Crypto bull run coming?

The biggest question on the lips of every crypto investor is, “when is this crypto bull run coming?” In such a hugely manipulated market, retail investors have been absolutely decimated, seeing their investments shrinking from the word go and some people have never, not once, seen any upside to their crypto investments. This tale is very common and is very well known to the smart money, who know exactly how and when to apply pressure on the market to extract all the dumb money from emotional, inexperienced investors. …

The Impending Stock Market Crash & the Correlation to Blockchain Technology

Its been a decade since the last stock market crash in 2008. The second longest bull run in stock market history, so a crash is definitely due.

A handful of companies are dominating the entire market and have been for many years, preying on our emotions and fueling a society of instant gratification through consuming the latest and greatest pieces of technology, which are carefully drip fed into circulation using clever marketing tools, to get us hooked, get us believing that we cant go a second without a quick fix of attention sapping scrolling, leaving us disconnected from the real world, obsessed with emulating what we see from influencers and craving overpriced pieces of technology we think we need to get by. …

Blockchain & The Transhumanist Agenda

As the world is increasingly shifting towards a new, more advanced version of digitization, an inherent transformation of the Internet and data transfer as a whole, is essential to support what is, undoubtedly, the biggest and most disruptive technological advancement in human existence. In recent years there has been a huge focus on data gathering worldwide, with the assistance of mainstream media, we’ve all been made aware of how the illicit accumulation of our personal data is shaping our digital identities in ways that that are out of our control and in the hands of corporations who have been using our data for their own gains, while the benefit to ourselves has largely been limited. The constant drumming of these topics have embedded us with a collective opinion on such matters, which for the most part, is fabricated by elitists who are ultimately priming us for an impending solution from all these problems and paving the way to implement changes that are not only accepted by the general population, they are desired. Notice how the question being asked is now “How best do we manage our person data” having never been asked the question if we want so much of our data recorded in the first place. …

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