You don’t have to take me seriously, but it might be interesting to try.

I think that the things you are trying to protect women from they have been dealing with since the beginning of time. As long as we aren’t genetically altered to see each other as men or women, it will always be there. I tell my daughter not to take shit and prove herself on her merit. That’s all I can really tell her. I want her to pursue a career in IT, but I can’t convince her it’s cool. She’s joining the military soon. Talk about a gendered, sexist environment. She’s pretty tough, though. Do I want her to “fight” for the rest of her life? No. She could make things totally easier on herself, resign herself to gender roles and be a mom and wife. That’s not her.

I do understand feeling safe in your environment, though. You are right that you should not be subjected to unwanted advances. I absolutely agree, but expecting people to feel the same way as you feel is too much to ask, in my opinion. I would set boundaries when someone crosses them and report them if they didn’t and if that didn’t work, call the news and get a good lawyer and sue the company for everything. People want to believe that they work in professional environments, with diversity and inclusion and all that, but humans are still humans and dumb shit happens. If you can tell me about a completely professional environment where everyone is treated equally and power is shared and no one is trying to have sex with anyone, that would be awesome. But, it does not exist, until we build the AI to do it for us, that company would never exist.

I get the trepidation that would come with being a female in today’s society, with rampant hook-up culture, no accountability relationships, but I blame that all on the culture we live in. Being the father of a young woman and watching society eat itself is hard enough, but not wanting my daughter to seen only as a body, or face has been paramount for me. So many people are giving themselves away for free and then expecting to be taken seriously. It just doesn’t work like that. It’s frighteningly immature. You can fight against it by being a person of virtue. It doesn’t stop people from being people though, you can be offended by it and try to change every single person’s mind about how you feel about it, or you just focus on you.

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