About Me

For a while now I’ve been looking for a platform to share my thoughts and reflect. I read often, but I never take the time to crystallize my ideas by writing. I figured that publishing online would make me feel obligated to produce consistent content. I tried using Wordpress, but I disliked the inflexibility of the free templates; moreover, I think their user interface could use an overhaul. Simple tasks are made unnecessarily complicated. Ultimately, I decided Medium was the perfect cross between a blog and social media site. So far, adapting has been a breeze.

My interests range from entrepreneurship to the environment and sustainability, but I’m going to try to focus as much as possible on technology. While the purpose of this venture is not to build widespread following, I still hope to engage with others and discuss. My goal is to post once a week, but I won’t let that limit me. I’m excited to get started!