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Remember the last time you went shopping at the supermarket. It was probably a fairly good experience, since everything was neatly arranged in the usual sections for you to find what you needed and pay without hassle (perhaps even at a self-checkout lane).

Contrast that with the last time you had to install or fix a problem with your TV/Internet service provider. Chances are it wasn’t a smooth and easy journey.

It’s not surprising though, because a 2018 survey by the Temkin Group of 10,000 U.S. …

A guide to calculate the direct and indirect costs of your sales team

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Modern B2B sales requires reaching sophisticated customers who’d rather do research online than speaking with a sales rep over the phone. Armed with vast amounts of information, modern buyers demand more and more from sellers.

That’s why the process from lead to customer can be long and expensive.

It would be great if your sales team could talk to the right prospects all the time, just by picking up the phone — but the truth is that getting to talk with the right people is a long journey that doesn’t start with sales; it will either start with marketing or…

Four steps to get the results you want from inbound marketing

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Answer: If it’s actually supporting your business and marketing goals, then it is.

A common mistake many marketers make is to create content and inbound tactics for the sake of it, without a clear understanding of what they want to achieve.

So, if you want to know if your inbound marketing efforts are working for you, you must follow these four steps.

1 . Define your marketing goals

What do you want to accomplish with your inbound marketing strategy? If there are no set goals, there’s no way to measure results.

Content creators must understand the overall objectives of the company and create materials accordingly.


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Entrepreneurship involves dreaming, designing, launching and managing a new business. Entrepreneurs hace the vision and leadership skills to transform a business idea into something tangible, into a business that makes money and solves problems for its customers.

In The Midas Touch, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, say that entrepreneurs have four distinct traits.

1. Character and emotional strength to fail often and start over again. An entrepreneur must make constant sacrifices to take his or her business forward. That means sacrificing time for family or hobbies and work on the business. …

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Innovation has become a ubiquitous word nowadays in companies’ mission statements. But what does innovation really mean? Is it just introducing changes or novelties to existing products? I believe it’s more than that.

Innovation is doing something radically different from what everyone else is doing. Companies that experience massive growth and transform industries and societies are those that make things differently.

These companies seek to generate new demand or expand their markets instead of fighting with the competition for an existing market share. …

5 fixes for live chat’s most common mistakes

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Americans send about 26 billion text messages every day, with the average person sending 15 texts per day. So, it’s safe to say that communicating through text has become second nature for most people.

It’s not surprising then that chat is one of the preferred methods for people to communicate with brands (more than 40% of people prefer live chat over other contact methods because it prevents them from being placed on hold). …

Learn to apply the tried-and-true method to getting more customers

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Design Thinking is one of those concepts that sound fuzzy at the beginning, but once you understand it, it just makes sense.

In a nutshell, design thinking is understanding problems before looking for solutions.

This is especially important in sales and marketing, where many professionals rely on their instincts, or their past experience, or even on the latest trend to build their sales and marketing strategies. There’s nothing wrong with that, as it sometimes works; but there’s a better way.

That way is design thinking.

Thinking as a designer involves asking a lot of questions and looking at things from…

Do you have big goals for 2020? Perhaps write a book or become financially independent?

In this article I want to give you some inspiration from one of my favorite movies.

The Walk (2015) is an incredible film about a man who makes an impossible dream come true.

It’s the real life story of Philippe Petit, a high-wire artist who walked across (illegally) the gap between the Twin Towers in 1974. Amazingly, he went back and forth over the 138-foot steel cable eight times, at a height of 1,368 ft and with no protection. He was there for 45 minutes!

Cinco estrategias para enseñar emprendimiento a niños y jóvenes

¿Enseñar emprendimiento en el colegio? Por supuesto. Las clases de emprendimiento para niños y jóvenes son vitales para el desarrollo integral de los estudiantes.

Los estudiantes de hoy entrarán a un mercado laboral inestable y competitivo donde tendrán que ser autodirigidos, originales y creativos para tener éxito.

La educación tradicional no está preparando a los estudiantes para los empleos del futuro, muchos de los cuales no existen aún. Pero qué tal si vamos más allá y preparamos a nuestros estudiantes para que ellos sean los que creen esos empleos.

No todos los estudiantes serán emprendedores, pero todos algún día tendrán…

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This is inbound marketing.

You found this article, perhaps because you were searching for info about inbound marketing, or maybe you clicked on a link shared on social media. That’s inbound marketing at work.

Because you see, I actually planned this blog post in my content marketing calendar, hoping that you would find it, like it, think it’s helpful solving a problem you may have and that way we’ll get connected somehow and start a business relationship.

Where will this relationship lead us? It’s too soon to tell. We’ll see.

Now, let’s quote a definition from the company who coined…

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