Single Father Project

Hello everyone,

I have something to say.

I don’t think single fathers get the love they deserve.

Every Father’s day, there’s the picture-perfect photo of a mother and child celebrating the father. Or sometimes, thanking single moms for “being dad.”

But you rarely see visuals of the single father grinding, trying to do every thing he can to raise his children, without the presence of the mother.

Becoming more nurturing than he ever thought he would be.

Doing things he never thought he would be doing, EVERY DAY!

Yes, it is rare to see a single dad, but they exist! And they need to share their stories

For the month of June and in celebration of Father’s Day, I am doing a portrait project focused on sharing the stories of single fathers.

I want to hear from fathers with stories to tell.

I want to know your triumphs, your challenges, hardships, and your rewards of fatherhood.

I want to know what you enjoy about being a father.

I want to know how hard it was for you to get here and what drives you.

I want to know what you are proudest of and the setbacks you fear you’ll never overcome.

And this is for fathers with children of all ages! Young, old, and middle-aged

For this project I have one main goal: to give single fathers a voice that is rarely heard, and terribly under-celebrated.

I look forward to exchanging personal stories with all of you.

Portraits and interviews will take place over a couple of studio days in Brooklyn, NY in June 15.


If you or your father fit this description, please consider being in this project! I know being photographed is frightening, but I will make you look good. :) Just apply using this form.
Please nominate someone you know — or as many people as you’d like — to be in this project. Simply share this to them and if they’re interested, please have them apply using this form.

I’ll send more details from there.

Please apply SOON!

Share this with your friends and colleagues — the more people this reaches, the better the project will be.

Thanks so much in advance!


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