Life will be better for you if nothing changes

Buddhists say everything changes at every moment and use it to lead an equanimous life. I say that’s beautiful and I believe in it too. But today, during meditation, I had a unique thought, thanks to my Sadguru’s Grace — that what if I started living as if nothing will ever change.

If everything changes, there is hope for something better. Looking at it from an external perspective.

It’s hot now but it will get cooler in the evening. It’s snowing, but that’ll stop. There’s a fire on 2nd Avenue, but it will be put out and the destruction will make way for something new.

These are all great for overarching truths, in that yes, nothing remains constant, but if we use the exact opposite theory, it makes for a great way to inspire my self to change.

Nothing is going to change. It’s time I did.

If the car behind me will never stop honking, I need to decide right now to not get upset, and imagine that this will go on forever.

If someone comes into my room and turns on the air conditioning when I’m feeling cold, “change” would bring body level comfort and hope, but if I prepare myself to be jarred by the reality that no one cares and everything will be unchanged, I will become more tolerant, accepting and even stronger for it.

If each activity that is displeasing to me will go on forever — then how will I deal with it?

If the same person who annoys me has it in them to annoy me for the rest of their lives, no matter how much love I give them, I need to arm myself with a lifetime supply of unconditional love towards them and be ready for all of it to go unreturned.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense, especially in terms of personal relationships. We need to let go of the thought that neighbors will be friendly and someone we know will have a change of heart. If I live today as if everyone is going to dislike me, no matter what, I’ll start making decisions that are good for me and them, both. In a way that does not promote hate, but inspires growth despite of it.

The truth is that there is one thing that remains unchanged, the soul. It is eternal and bliss filled. But if we examine the great Eastern texts, they also say the same thing: the external is also always constant — nothing from the material world — not people, places or things will ever bring happiness, instead they are guaranteed to bring us only misery.

This nothing outside will change is not a new theory, I guess I’d just never thought about it in the way I did today.

Be well, be excellent and love everyone unconditionally.

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