The Black Douglas Coffee House

Or how I found one of the best “About Us” sections of my career on this seaside coffee shop’s website

I found my way to an amazing coffee house website. A seaside coffee shop in the UK that serves amazing coffee and is named after a Scottish war hero.

Seaside coffee house The Black Douglas in Kent, UK

What I was prepared to learn about when I saw the site was information on coffee roasting, tea, its location, music playlist. But I found none of these things. Instead, I found a meaningful history of The Black Douglas and it helped me realize what the owners of the shop were all about, without them having said anything about themselves at all. Read it and apply it to your own business.

The Black Douglas — James Douglas — Scottish Independence Hero

We live in a time where one website cannot be distinguished from another, a car of one manufacturer looks stunningly like that of another. Websites are copied & pasted faster than . . . the Flash trying to get the Reverse Flash back to the future by combining their insane speeds to create a portal that allows time travel. Yes, websites are copied FAST.

But so is the content. And graphics. And everything about the way business is done.

But not at The Black Douglas coffee house. They know who they are and for them that means international attention, not just for amazing coffee, but for being truly amazing individuals in a crowded space of samesies.