Becoming an Instagram Designer: The End (Day 100)

Well that was a lot more work than I expected! I was hoping to have some time to write a couple follow up blog posts to update my progress. However, simply posting a new design everyday for 100 days was all the time I had. Accomplishing this, meant posts at 4am. Posts during weddings. Posts during music festivals. Posts in the bathroom at work.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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I have two main takeaways from this project. The first is a framework for achieving goals. And the second is simply a new found confidence for attacking new complex skills.

Goal Framework

In the past I have strived to achieve things in my career as well as in my personal life, and sometimes I have not made progress as fast or as efficiently as I would have liked. I think in many of these cases I did a poor job of defining these goals and coming up with a gameplan for achieving them. This project taught me a new framework for achieving goals and learning new skills. The basic concept is to define the goal and dissect it down into a task or set of tasks that can help you get to that goal. As an example if you want to become a better basketball player, you must first dissect this ambition to formulate a plan. First you must define what a ‘better basketball player’ means. It might mean you can play in a weekly pickup game and score a few points. To dissect this further ‘score a few points’ means you can shoot the basketball and make it. So maybe the task you choose is to shoot 100 shots per day. This task will directly impact your progress towards becoming a ‘better basketball player’. Pretty simple example, but I believe this can be applied to more complex skills as well.

It is sometimes hard to track your progress towards a goal, when it is not well defined or it is something that will take a very long time to achieve. If you define a small task that you can hold yourself to completing on a regular basis then you can more easily track your progress. And if you can track your progress then you can ensure that you are in fact moving towards your goal, and you can celebrate milestones along the way!


I proved to myself that if I want to get better at something in 100 days it is possible, even with a hectic schedule. It was really gratifying to know that I have the discipline to accomplish something everyday for 100 days without fail. Also, this new framework for achieving goals, and learning new skills has really given me a sense of empowerment. Applying this framework to more complex skills has me really excited.

The one thing I was disappointed with is my lack of following. I was arbitrarily hoping to reach maybe 1,000 followers at the end of the hundred days. However, I ended the project with just under 100 followers. I believe this was because my focus was on posting one design each day and not getting as many followers as possible each day. I think this is a really important distinction when setting up your own process for achieving your goal. Do you define a great Instagram designer as someone who has a huge following or someone who releases amazing edits. I think the answer falls somewhere in the middle. Focusing on one metric at a time will serve you much better in reaching your overall goal.

It was really fun to get more involved in the design community on Instagram. I had photographers, designers, and models reach out to me about my work. This was some awesome validation. It was really cool, because just 100 days ago none of this existed.

I will continue to make my edits, but with less frequency. I really enjoy making these designs, and will not stop. However, I am actually more excited about applying this framework to other new skills I want to master.