I disagree.
Amrish Macedo

Countries in Africa are integrally part of “the system we have today”; their poverty is part of our prosperity just as Filipinos’ sweatshop jobs are part of some Americans’ lost jobs. Aside from that, the middle class was created largely by trade unionist struggle, including by large numbers of socialist and communist unions and union members; if that’s included in your vision of “the system we have today” then you have a point — but capitalism as such only grudgingly and after a lot of big fights went along with the idea of a middle class. And for the last forty years or so, there have been strenuous and quite successful efforts to excise that part of “the system we have today”, precisely in an effort to get rid of that prosperous middle class. An effort which is also succeeding, although at the same time creating crises and instability.

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