Did you seriously just attempt to rationalize laziness in saying that “automation” will take over…
Matt Lampkin

So if people aren’t forced to work, that means they’ll be lazy. And that’s a bad thing. What we need is to make sure people are forced by threat of starvation to work hard, and that represents the virtue of hardworkingness. That’s the position, here?

Well then, bring on the laziness. Nothing wrong with a bit of laziness, nothing wrong with valuing leisure. Hard work is a means to an end; if the end is going to be accomplished some other way, hard work isn’t an end in itself it’s just stupid.

Although really, most people like to work a fair amount. I’m not one of them, but most people do. What they don’t like is bullshit meaningless work done for bullshit pay under the thumb of bullshit bosses. Give them more choices and most people would still work. It’d just be a genuine work ethic as free people, not some kind of fake virtue by coercion.