Goa delights and my Flight fantasy

We jumped in joy and had our eyes wide open when we heard the news from the HR that the annual team outing destination was ‘Goaaaa!’ as she uttered and the day had already arrived.

I landed in the beach side resort and enjoyed standing in the sea shore when the waves swept my feet and the view was mesmerising.

It was my first attempt at parasailing where you reach the middle of the sea in the boat and fly high like a bird via a parachute which was literally feels like “On top of the world” with just a chord deciding your fate, along with the dips in the sea where the salt water splashes on your face and eyes.

Some of the other adventurous water sports were Deep Sea Diving, Banana ride, Doughnut ride as each one was a divine experience in its own especially during the sunset.

We had deferred from our routine those three days which was much needed break and peace of mind for each one of us after hectic weeks at work.

The flight journey back to my lovely city skipped a heart beat as I felt it was the most awesome invention to the mankind to fly against gravity with hundreds of people with you safely to reach a destination.

Touchdown Namma Bengaluru! (-_-*) (*-_-)