Morning walk in the Park

BBMP Parks in Bangalore

I push myself hard not to lose my good habits. One among them are the morning walks.

I am born and brought up in Bangalore. I currently reside in Koramangala, a plush locality in the garden city.

Koramangala alone has more than 10 parks. One can see people of all age groups at 6.00 am during the weekdays. I would like to share some on my observations.

There are school kids who do stretching, running and sit-ups. They do have their friends along with them running around or competing with each other. Isn’t that wonderful? Its like we study together and we work out together :)

There are working ladies and gents who are calm and composed. They have their ear phones plugged into their ears and concentrate on their jogging and brisk walking.

There are housewives who are in their mid 40’s and 50’s who socialise with their neighbourhood and come to the park. They usually have a lot of gossip to share. It may range right from their own family members like — son-in-law, daughter-in-law, husband or so on, Gold jewellery, Sarees, Daughter’s college, her friends’ parents and so on. These are the range of topics they discuss during their brisk walking sessions.

There’s another group of uncles and senior citizens’ who converse in English or Hindi only. Their topics range from Demonetisation, productivity apps, listening to Modi’s speeches on YouTube together, current trends in IT and bank sectors. They converse only when they are sitting together in the stone chairs during their breaks.

There’s a group of women with green coats as their uniform with the brightest smiles, neatly braided hair with jasmine flowers, vermilion on their forehead, they look so happy to start their work. Wondering who they are? They are the corporation workers who start their day with just one kilometre walk in the park as they head out to start their work early in the morning for the public.

They do no wear fancy clothes to their work. They do not possess degrees like us. They have no idea if they would eat three meals per day or not. They are not aware of the savings for the future nor worried about the demonetisation.

They seem to be content in their lives with what they possess. They do not complain about anything in their lives, nor they comment on others and in fact they make others life easier. I get inspired when I see them happy every single day.

Live life with no expectations. Help the people around you and keep smiling (-_-*)(-_-*)

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