Smart Home, the Open Beta
Juhani Lehtimäki

Great thoughts!

The only thing I’m surprised of is that you say your Google Home is getting better. My feeling is the opposite. From when I started using the first one 3(?) years ago till now where, like you, have all variations all over the flat I think it got worse.

I use the assistant mainly to play music on Spotify but things that would work a whole ago don’t anymore. Instead Google is suggesting bands or songs that have seriously nothing in common to what we say but probably rank higher in sales.

This could be easily fixed by personalization, as I listen to same bands all the time or at least same genres. Spotify would know but my Home is not a step closer to that than initially imho. Guess in the world of machine learning there’s not place for personalization (yet?), You’ll get what’s most probably for most not for you.. which is the opposite of what an assistant is supposed to be.Guess this goes a bit into that interconnect bucket.