The hangouts in Bernal

Cast of characters: Etienne/Jean-Robillard

Continued from Jordan Haley…

Etienne: It’s off topic but what’s your favorite hangout when you’re home?


Oh it’s this place on Cortland (Street), called pinhole. Since I live on Moultrie now (in a neighborhood called Bernal Heights) just down the street, I go there all the time. I’m always walking there wearing a hoodie or something. Most times in the afternoon when there’s less people around. I just go to observe people because people are always fascinating, to be among people but not have to talk to them works for me. But the stuff people talk about sometimes gives me ideas about what to write about. If I’m lucky I’ll hear a whole story about something really good like what’s going with this person and their boyfriend and I might use that for a song. If not there I’m at the park, maybe on a bench.

Etienne: Which park?


That hill in the Bernal Heights Park. I go up there with Rose (Rosario) or Griffon to write (lyrics) and play out little melodies to start them off. I remember one time Rose brought her trumpet up there, that’s what she played in marching band, and it turned into this jam session and we stayed all night until we got kicked off the hill cause the park closed. After that we got Griff to come with his old, old SK-1 (a Casio brand keyboard) and that was amazing, just sampling ourselves saying dumb shit and just replaying it, like that Cosby episode. Really I had the best time creating (music) in a while. Then there are days I just go to see the view and do nothing, that’s super rare though.