Cut The Cable With ScreenBeam

I recently became a Microsoft Surface Expert and with that comes a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. As a teacher I use my devices to present content and other information via a projector. However, when I received my Surface I was contacted by ScreenBeam to see if I would test and use a ScreenBeam in my classroom. Of course I said yes and haven’t looked back. ScreenBeam lets me wirelessly connect my Surface to my projector and project from anywhere in the room. This is great because I have divided my room into “stages”. Stage I is a whiteboard with the days agenda and discussion questions. Stages II, III, IV, and V is where ScreenBeam comes into play. Stage II is where I present notes, content or other information via the projector. I usually do this from a podium in the front where I can see all of my students. Stage III is my lab where I can use the Surface and the ScreenBeam to project and record demonstrations and/or labs. I usually like to use social media like Twitter to show what students are learning and doing class. Stage IV is the classroom where using the Surface and ScreenBeam I can sit with students and work out problems using One Note or DrawBoard pdf with the student while at the same time showing it on the screen in front so if others have the same questions they also can see the solution and thinking that goes into the solution. Finally, Stage V is my desk where if I have time I can monitor testing or independent work and answer quick questions on the projector from there.

ScreenBeam gives you the freedom to project anywhere anytime a projector is available and you have a Windows 7 or later device or an Android 4.2+ device. Tech specs can be found here. This summer I will be training teachers and administrators and my ScreenBeam will be traveling with me. This way I can circulate throughout the room as I train.

The great and cool thing about ScreenBeam is that it is relatively inexpensive and best of all you can be up and running with it in 10 minutes or less. You don’t even need to tell your tech director (shhhh…) you are using it because it won’t interfere with the network. You can get everything you need right here on Amazon or from Actiontec. If you have any questions about ScreenBeam contact them here or me David Prindle via Twitter.

You can’t go wrong purchasing a ScreenBeam for your classroom.