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Sheffield to San Francisco

This was a surprisingly difficult exercise. While I spent 3 years in Manchester, I feel that my 6 months in Honduras and the many weekends in Tahoe are a bigger part of me. The line “where you can be the best version of you” threw it off, so I ignored it.

So here we go:

Sheffield, UK

In response to Forever 15

Mazzy Star — Into Dust

Lessons from my Grandma

Peggy Rees, 1 April 1923–12 March 2001

Hold your head up.

Stand and walk tall. Don’t slouch.

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The 3rd Medium Engineering Summit

Twice a year the Medium engineering team gets together for an all-day summit. As well as being a good opportunity to interact with people on the broader team, it’s a time to reflect on how we work and the challenges we face. This time we talked about prototyping.

I have a penchant for cartographic analogies, so the way I put it to the…

The value of American Express Reward Points

Turns out an AirBnB voucher is the best deal, followed by an Uber ride.

I was feeling paralyzed about how to use Amex points — I know, first world problems — so, in a brief respite from crying baby I decided to work out the points per dollar for the various options. Posted here for my future self and anyone else…

The promise of the web

The web has important properties that we’re losing as we move to an app centric world.

Si Dieu n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer. — Voltaire

Voltaire proposed that if god didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him/her/it. That’s a different discussion, but I’m going to steal the phrase and…

The meaning of communication is in the response you get

I’m sad, but not completely surprised, to hear what my teammate Kelly went through while working on Google+. There’s a pervasive culture of cliqueness in tech, that has sometimes felt exclusionary even to me (a white male who has tinkered with computers since childhood.) It is not hard to see how such environments can lead to the…

Books for new dads

I’m only a few weeks into this whole fatherhood thing, but there are a few books I’ve found incredibly helpful so far. Hopefully others will also find this list useful.

12 days ago we named our daughter Lyra.

Both of us are programmers with OCD tendencies for naming. And even though Lyra was one of the first names we came up with, we built a spreadsheet of 81 names. We drew from sources such as botany and books, and looked to old english, scottish, and welsh history.

But we kept coming back to Lyra.