2016 Highlights

Waking up

As with 2015, life outside of work has been dominated by Lyra — as anyone who follows me on Instagram will attest. This year we decided that international travel was more than we could manage, so mostly stuck to the west coast.

Lyra turned one in February and we celebrated with friends at Recess, an indoor kids play space.

By April, Lyra had finally started sleeping through the night so my night walks around Soma came to an end, I had energy to run again, and my brain started returning to normal functioning.

By the end of the year I’d managed to log 71 runs and 244 miles, with 124 miles of them pushing Lyra in the running stroller.

Life with a kid is a real change of pace, but we managed to maintain a remnant of our weekend-warrior tendencies… kind of.

The new change of pace involved — unsurprisingly — a lot of kid related parties and activities.

We did three flights to Washington, which while not that bad reinforced our desire to wait a while before flying back to England with Lyra.

We attended Brad and Kate’s wedding…

…had ample cousin time…

…and spent a week in Leavenworth.

And finally, we ended the year in Carmel with my parents and brother.


Happy New Year and fingers crossed for 2017…