One second a day — November 2013

  1. @lukester and Stroke 9 at the Red Devil Lounge
  2. Dominion with Ojan
  3. Pawtrero Street Fair
  4. Ada being weird
  5. Night run by the Bay Bridge
  6. Softball, winter season
  7. Ada again
  8. Tessa cooking
  9. Tal-y-Tara Tea and Polo Shoppe
  10. Bike ride with Sani and Ilya
  11. @infraredflower showing @verbagetruck something cool (it’s a secret)
  12. Bar Bocce
  13. @majelbstoat taking a swing
  14. High knees at the gym
  15. Frying steaks
  16. Tea ceremony at Petra’s
  17. Training run in the Marin Headlands
  18. Focus time
  19. Rain in SF
  20. Jack Conte talking at Medium
  21. @dustin at the whiteboard
  22. Helicopter play time at work
  23. Pelican by Mission Bay
  24. Redoing the pictures in our hall
  25. Tessa and Ada at SFO
  26. Big cake at Kingfish Cafe in Seattle
  27. Very wet and muddy run in trails behind Issaquah
  28. Thanksgiving with the MacDuff clan
  29. Black-powder friday
  30. Movember