The 2016 Fellows

When Medium hosted a writing workshop for Code2040, I took portraits of some of the fellows to accompany their stories. It was so much fun working with them; they are one of the most enthusiastic and supportive groups of people I’ve ever met.

In order of appearance:

  1. Rafael Gatti Takasu, Kaitlyn Carter, Alexis Candelaria
  2. Victor Anyirah, Blake Simons (Program Coordinator)
  3. Lincoln W Daniel, Scott Paillant, Andres Ramos
  4. Onel Harrison, Brianna Fugate
  5. Erik Dyer, Miles Hinson, Marc Brown
  6. Alexy Cruz, Lindsey Redd
  7. Samuel Hinshelwood, Alona King, Kendal Cockrel
  8. Michelle McGhee, Ocean Evers-Peete
  9. Anna Oikawa, Uchenna Okoye, Raymond Ferrell
  10. Patricia Perozo, Nicole Daniels
  11. Michelle Navarro, Josuel Musambaghani, Anthony Williams
  12. Fredrick Kofi Tam, Monica Alexandra Yupa, Jesus Garcia