I was feeling paralyzed about how to use Amex points — I know, first world problems — so, in a brief respite from crying baby I decided to work out the points per dollar for the various options. Posted here for my future self and anyone else in a similar boat:

80/$ (1.25¢)
AirBnB Voucher (special offer)

100/$ (1¢)
Uber ride
Retail Gift Card (Nike, Gap, REI, Zappos, etc.)
Dining Gift Card

120/$ (0.83¢)
Hotel Gift Card (Marriott, Four Seasons, etc.)

130/$ (0.77¢)
Gas Voucher

140/$ (0.71¢)
Pay for Amazon purchases

165/$ (0.60¢)
Pay for purchases

200/$ (0.5¢)
American Express Gift Card
American Express Online Store