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Englishman in California. Father, engineer, photographer. Recovering adrenaline junky. Founder @ Previously: Medium, Google.

Sleep deprived musings

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Guidelines for reviewers, reviewees, and eng managers


  1. All code — with the below exceptions — should be reviewed by at least one other engineer before it is merged into the main branch of a repository.
  2. Code reviews should be responded to as promptly as possible.
  • Config changes that only affect development and staging environments do not require a code review.
  • Changes that are purely lint fixes do not require a code review.
  • Copy changes should be reviewed…

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

Stress is a fact of modern life, but the last year has been something else. When stress is unavoidable, what are we to do?

Thoughts on the post-COVID workplace and how hybrid teams will become the new normal.

Hoping for a great sea-change

Keep on moving

A collection of essential books that meaningfully affected our team


Understanding how cognitive biases affect us in the workplace

Even the smartest people are susceptible to faulty thinking.

A short primer on why complex systems require different ways of acting and making decisions

Hunter-gatherer tribes became early civilizations…

How to set goals that build alignment and accountability

What and why, not how

Dan Pupius

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