Has Social Media taken the Misunderstanding and Mis-application of Mathematics to a new low?

A Beautiful Thing

My father, who had a fairly basic school education, was largely responsible for giving me an appreciation of mathematics. Somewhat by accident, World War Two took him deeper into numbers. In pre-war England he was a bookkeeper for a cosmetic company. With Hitler threatening invasion he decided to join the army. His flat feet made him unsuitable for combat duties so the recruiter, noting that he was a bookkeeper, said, “You know about numbers, you can join the engineers”. Thus he joined the Corps of Royal…


I am no marketing guru but I have learned that when my client is hurting to pull out all stops. Even more so if it was my mistake that hurt them. I’d rather take a dollar hit than have a dissatisfied client. However there is at least one Australian telco (a big one) that I have had the misfortune to deal with lately that seems to be Teflon coated when dealing with their clients.

Here are some lessons I have learned from my experience about bringing a brand into disrepute.

Mixed Messages

Confuse your client at the earliest possible opportunity when they…

[This is an updated version of an article I originally published on LinkedIn in 2015. I refreshed it because the issue is still hot and vital.]

If you cannot understand the two graphics in this article you should either learn about them or keep well away from making pronouncements about cryptography. Cryptography is the way we preserve secrecy, privacy and anonymity. This preservation is particularly important for the things we do on the Internet. We maybe think about it a little when we do online shopping or banking but its reach is far wider. …

David Fosdike

IT Security and Forensic Specialist.

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