People regularly ask what tools to use or what programming language to learn for data-driven journalism (ddj). There is no right answer for it, especially considering that technology and tools available are evolving quickly in the field.

Nathan Yau from FlowingData recently described how he works in data visualisation. His post applies perfectly to data-driven journalism tools:

“What tool should I learn? What’s the best?” I hesitate to answer, because I use what works best for me, which isn’t necessarily the best for someone else or the “best” overall.

If you’re familiar with a software set already, it might be…

Thoughts of a geek turned “data journalist”

Nowadays every newsroom wants to produce data-driven stories. As a consequence of this trend, data journalist positions are routinely advertised.

But what do such positions actually entail? If it is rather clear what data-driven journalism means, its brother and job title term data journalist is not. Semantically, it sounds logical to do data journalism, one should be a data journalist. Yet in practise, I find this job title ends up being confusing for everybody.

Disclaimer: my job title says “data journalist”. And I am currently the only one in my newsroom.


Duc Quang Nguyen

Data journalist/-scientist at Tamedia🇨🇭 // #ddj #dataviz #rstats #opendata #datascience / Formerly: SRG-SSR quant, geneticist //

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