Introducing Business Design to an organization and new stakeholders

Realising the Value of Business Design

The other day, I found a question from an aspiring Business Designer in my LinkedIn inbox, asking me about how to sell Business Design in their organization. It is a variation of a repeating question around convincing others of the value of Business Design. These others can be your organization, your boss, your clients, or your co-workers.

Many people are convinced that Business Design can help with all kinds of business challenges and want to introduce it to others so that they can see the benefits too. …

How to create, measure and improve impact? — A Business Design review of “Lean Impact” by Ann Mei Chang

Many strive to do meaningful work that does not only provide you a living but also has a positive impact on the people and the planet. Recently CEOs of leading US companies stated the need for a purpose beyond profit and the Economist dedicated a whole issue to the topic. Personally, I have written about Business Design and sustainability before and our focus at United Peers is on impact ventures.

Book cover: Lean Impact by Ann Mei Chang
Book cover: Lean Impact by Ann Mei Chang
Fig. 1 — Lean Impact applies the Lean Startup methodology on social businesses

I recently read Lean Impact by Ann Mei Chang and added it to my booklist. …

The next wave of innovation will be value-based

The future of business needs to be sustainable.

The era of digital is over: for one decade digital has been the main challenge of CEOs and strategy departments across all industries. Established players got attacked by digital challengers and desperately tried to understand what their new competitors did differently — and the answer they found was digital. Over time, they realized that this shift was not only about technology but also about new approaches, more flexible processes and a different mindset.

Now, a decade later, we ask the question: What is next? Where will the next wave of innovation come from?

„Sustainable is the new digital”

The signs for a surge of sustainability…

The difference between Service Design and Business Design explained

What is the difference between a Business Designer and a Service Designer anyhow? Isn’t it the same? What do you do that we don’t? an agitated colleague asked me recently. She is a Service Designer. She has an interest in Business Design and wants to learn more. But she still gets confused about the difference. With this article we will try to clarify.

Business Meets Design

Fig. 1: Google trends for service and business design for the past year.

The search interest in Service Design and Business Design illustrates the fact that the first is more known in the design community. They share a similar approach but…

How to become a Business Designer (3/3) — the tools

“Find out what could be the business model behind this.” — it was my first appointment as a Business Designer. And I just stared at the blank page. Where should I start?

If this horror vacui feels familiar, our Business Design tools are your cure.

The Power of Tools

Some years ago you needed to be an expert in your field to know where to start this kind of analysis. Today, the internet has democratized access — if you know where to look! In the all-sharing entrepreneurship scene, several frameworks are available that help…

“How do I become a Business Designer?” — I am asked this question quite often from people interested in Business Design. My answer is “For a start, get trained in business models. Look at companies that you find interesting and find out how they do it.”

As I explained before, one of the four skills of Business Design is research and analysis: understanding business models and markets. It keeps your Business Design muscles trained and is essential for any new idea or venture: first understand the industry.

In a recent podcast with Alen, creator of d.MBA (the first online MBA…

How to become a Business Designer (2/3) — skills

The Power of Business Design

One of my most impactful memories on the power of Business Design skills dates back to the beginning of my career. I had joined a client meeting with a senior Business Designer. We were a large group, and he remained silent, listening while the others were explaining. Eventually, he summarized their thoughts on the business model and outlined the flaws very clearly: they planned to venture into a new industry that they had little experience in. The market was commodified, low-margin and divided among a few ultra-efficient companies fighting for market…

How to become a Business Designer (1/3) — the mindset

Business Design is the most important skill of the future. We need its unique approach to create sustainable business models in a world of fast changes. Business Design helps us to understand the context of our businesses, develop new business models and test them quickly.
But what do Business Designers actually do — and how can you become one?

This article is for you if:

  • you are a recent graduate or professional who thinks about a career change,
  • you are a hiring manager looking to fill a position related to…

The times of pure Design Thinking are over: Certainly, the last years have seen the rise of Design Thinking and similar processes (most lately design sprints) that help entrepreneurs and managers to create more user-centered products and services. They are great tools to spawn desirability in customers. Nevertheless, they often fall short in creating a sustainable business model. Business Design is the remedy to this problem.

Fig. 1 — Innovation happens at the intersection of business (viability), design (desirability) and tech (feasability)

A business idea is not yet a business model

Business Design is on the rise. In the last years a series of influential books has been published with a clear focus on the creation and development of business models. …

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