Rise and Fall of Fantasy Football Players


Many fantasy owners wish to see their players climb to the peak of their fantasy worth and not fall to idea of releasing them from their team. This does not always tend to be the case but players in the NFL get old, hurt or have just lost a step somewhere in-between seasons. Then there are those that have established themselves to be great fantasy options. In fact, this can be due to youth, given a second chance, and even working harder to become better in football. In any case for any situations the idea of rising and falling can be misinterpreted by some. There are many players in the NFL that can possibly be good or bad in fantasy football but some analyst give their ideas of the stature of players but sometimes the reasoning behind seems not reasonable. There are also those players that are giving fantasy owners terrible numbers but are still viewed as good possible starters for fantasy teams. Football is a game in which anything can happen but through the statistical understanding many can establish a better idea of players in terms of rising and falling among a select few players in fantasy football.

One article that brings upon an array of ideas is Fantasy football instant Reaction: Vikings fear ACL injury for Dalvin Cook, opening opportunity for Jerick Mckinnon, Latavius Murray”. The article provides how Dalvin Cook has become a great fantasy player but an injury will lead to opportunities for his backups who might not be good enough to replace him. Those that could possibly replace him are Jerick Mckinnon and Latavius Murray. Murray has established a more upside to him due to his past as the starting running back for the Oakland Raiders. The article goes on to say

“it’s not like either one will be phenomenal weekly starter for your fantasy squad”.

(Richard) This is an absurd statement due to Murray having 12 touchdowns and almost 800 yards last year in 14 games which is good for a running back. He was also originally supposed to be the starter until drafted rookie Dalvin Cook showed amazing abilities in the offseason leading to Murray being second string. Dalvin just happened to be better but should not take away from the fact that Murray is a good player and was going to be the starter at first. On the other hand Mckinnon is good but he has not proven to be better than either Dalvin or Murray in the past so for him to continue to be the backup and not in the conversation with these two should be set and established. Although Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray may seem of concern to only a small group of Fantasy owners, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about their starters getting hurt and possibly looking at their backup as a replacement.

Unlike the previous article “Fantasy football instant Reaction: Vikings fear ACL injury for Dalvin Cook, opening opportunity for Jerick Mckinnon, Latavius Murray” the article “Latavius Murrays updated fantasy outlook after Dalvin Cook’s injury” views the possibility of Murray rising to the occasion. The article expresses the idea that there could be an increase in his fantasy value but there are factors to consider. “The fact that he only averaged 4 yards a carry and during his pro bowl year which ranked him at 33 of 47 qualifiers.” (Zucker) This is not bad because the margin between 1st and 33 is usually a yard at most. I can agree that there isn’t a guarantee but he has been a Pro Bowl running back and has put up amazing numbers and the article has brought this up and this shows that he can be good fantasy running back. This injury may be the downfall of Dalvin this season but may be the rise of Murray.

A player in a different situation other than the likes of Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The article “Love, Hate but mostly love” discusses the idea of Ben Roethlisberger as a player they love to see in a fantasy lineup. Even though he has only thrown for less than 250 yards in three straight games and is ranked 20th in fantasy football for quarterbacks it views him as a player to score big this week.(Berry) The article goes to discuss how people will see what Ben has always done in his career and that’s put up phenomenal numbers. In any case I think Ben has lost a step this season because he has not looked like himself at all this season. Even against teams that are known to be terrible for instance the Cleveland Browns who have shown in previous years and this year that they are not a good team. Ben is ranked low for a reason this season and I see this as the season Ben falls.

Ben has proven that this is a down season. The article “Week 5 fantasy football winners and losers” states that “Ben is playing terrible and that the first time in his career he threw five interceptions. He only put up 2.58 points in fantasy. This is an extraordinarily low total for someone who put up 55 passes in one game. This brings up serious doubt for the rest of his fantasy year.”(Cockcroft) I agree with this article because this does seem to be a down year for Ben. A good starting fantasy quarterback should put up about 18 to 20 points a game.


The above table shows the top 10 quarterbacks in fantasy and the last column is there average points a game. Ben’s 2.58 in fantasy when compared is terrible. He is doing bad things this season that he has not done in the past. Five interceptions is bad for any quarterback but one as good as Ben this is unbelievably bad. Not saying he has always been a bad quarterback but this year seems to be where he falls off.

As one can see there are those players that can rise and fall in fantasy football but are viewed in different manners. Some are not given the credit of rising while others who have fallen are still being viewed as players who can do no wrong. Players such as Murray have the ability to rise and players of Ben’s caliper can lose a step and fall. In conclusion, some analyst provide a better understanding of players rising and falling in this fantasy season.

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