CPR bringing back to life

“Doctor, thank you for her life!”
A son in pain expressed his overwhelming gratitude for her mother’s life. It stirred an array of warm emotions in my heart.

His mother presented to the Medical Emergency Room around 9 p.m. that night, barely conscious. A quick primary survey showed signs of shock. The team quickly initiated the treatment and started multitasking like a colony of ants. Probes, Peripheral lines, Treatments orders, Blood samples, Fluids — quick succession, in that order. She began to improve. The blood pressure started to normalise.

After a while, the monitors went blaring. The ECG waves became abnormal, and the oxygen saturation dropped. Her peripheral pulse went feeble. Her hands felt cold.
In a fraction of second, the whole team got into action. CPR cycling had already been initiated, the Critical Care team was on its way rushing from the OT complex, and peripheral lines got the injections flowing to revive the heart. …


Aakash Chowdhary

General Practitioner, Delhi. Surgical Ophthalmology aspirant. Technology & Healthcare.

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