A psychotherapist provides tips for how to remain balanced during this unprecedented time

A photo of a black woman listening to music on headphones in her kitchen. She is feeling herself.

AsAs a psychotherapist, I recognize the mental health costs that women of color pay with their mind and bodies every day due to experiences with racism, sexism, and trauma. We face compounded mental health costs given the recent Covid-19 pandemic. These current mental health costs may leave WOC feeling anxious…

The unhealthy messages we receive about sex are confusing, and often detrimental

IIt’s the mother’s voice that raises an octave when she asks why her daughter went to that party in the first place. It’s the incredulous tone given by friends when they say, “But couldn’t you have pushed him off?” And it’s the look of accusation in her father’s eyes when…

Dr. Bernasha Anderson

Psychotherapist | Writer | Social Justice Advocate

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