Wise words from a Jedi, a coffee shop, and Fart faces

By Chris Odom

So this past weekend I went to see the new star wars movie, and it was awesome.

To get myself even more hyped up than I already was for the “Awakening”, I like any other rational person watched all 6 prior episodes.

All back to back.

As I was watching episode one, there is a scene where Qui Gon Gin tells little Darth Vader right before they go to battle that,

”Your focus determines your reality.”

Which is awesome because I believe that we are constantly writing our own story every day, and the words, thoughts and emotions we chose to focus on dictate how each chapter unfolds.

The wise words from the master Jedi sound way cooler than mine. But… Much to learn I still have. (Yoda voice)

Skip ahead a few days to a coffee shop in our own Galaxy.

I walk in and there is a pretty long line to order. As I was waiting in line, there are three 50-ish year old ladies gathered around the hazelnut coffee urn.

I was close enough where I was almost apart of there conversation.

All they were doing is complaining to each other about how they couldn’t believe that this place could possibly be out of their best coffee. (Which is an odd way to think, if it’s the best wouldn’t it have the best chance of getting drank up?)

It was like each one negativity powered up the whole group to the next level of the dark side.

They didn’t do anything to solve the problem. They just kept talking about it. After a few minutes they all had the ugliest looks on their face, like someone farted. Like someone farted the kind of fart that makes you jerk your head back and make that face. The face that everyone knows.

Fart face

These ladies were having the worst possible time they could have in a coffee shop, while I was having an amazing time waiting to order.

When I got to the front of the line to order, I told the person that they were out of coffee and those ladies are real mad about it. Her response was, “oh thanks for letting me know. We have some freshly brewed hazel nut in the back, I was just waiting to put it out.”

Remember that what you focus on is what you see. And you can choose what you focus on.

So the dark side kept the 3 ladies with fart faces with an empty cup.

Never listen to the dark side of the force.

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