Why Working Online at Home Became Popular In The Philippines?

Most Filipinos Started in this Year

In 2012–2014, Earning online was very difficult due to lack of resources at that time. The means to earn money at that time is to work through gigs either on Odesk (which is popular at that time but now its changed to Upwork) and through websites or blogs.

In Odesk, it’s hard to earn if you have no technical skills. On the other hand, if you do have a website, you can earn enough money through ad networks, from PTC (Paid To Click) sites, and link shortener sites which is more favorable to many Filipinos.

At that time, you can earn from these ad networks using Blogspot blogger platform which is free. By putting these ads, you can earn enough up to $200-$300 or more per month.

Since it was difficult to gain traffic, most Filipinos resort to promoting it to automated bots and traffic exchange sites. Most don’t care what content to put as long they can earn money by the end of the month.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) was a hit at that time especially AWS and Azure. This was essential to earn more per month.

To gain more, you need to spend a little to earn more.

Goodbye to Automated Methods

As time pass by, it wasn’t long enough that these methods will die. In 2013, Paid To Click (PTC), ad networks, and other ways to earn on the internet were slowly closing down due to these methods.

As this type of ways to make money on the internet are not working anymore, newer ways emerge.

In 2014, the newer ways to make money were creating your online store for those who have stores, affiliate marketing by promoting the online store or its products, and through the offering of services (freelancer).

The services offered mostly is data entry, email or chat support, Social media manager, and writing content. Few are looking for creating a websites using HTML due to the popularity of making websites through drag and drop, SEO, and other skills with little resources or when it’s hard to understand.

Upwork at this time slowly gained its popularity due to freelancers who were successful in working on this platform. In their success, they teach other Filipinos how to make money by joining their class or through webinars at a reasonable price.

Onlinejobs were also in the same spot by slowly gaining its fame since most people have greater percentage or chance when it comes to being hired compared to other platforms.

Besides working on these platforms, ESL was also common as most Filipinos tend to be good when it comes to the English language.

The problem for working as an ESL teacher is the internet connection, low rates, schedule, and fewer students. But this doesn’t stop Filipinos just to gain more money or extra income. Most teachers apply 2–3 companies depending on their availability or the peak hours where there are most students.

Where Working Online at Home Started its Popularity the Most

Early 2017, social media helped more people in its awareness when a lot of MLM or networking group or company started popping up.

A lot of people are already familiar with these group and scammed in the past. But due to their post, people are having second thoughts that it might be true. What prompts people to have second thoughts is the eye-catching selfie post posing with lots of money in their hands. They even post videos of going to the bank or even purchasing a vehicle.

These opened the eyes of people later on when they learned they have not earned that much, got scammed, and now looking for other ways to earn online.

Upon encountering the word “Freelancer” most people dive into it thinking they can earn money right away.

Working online is never easy as what most networking group claims.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

It depends on the number of clients you have, the clients you can handle, the amount of money offered, the amount of experience you have gained over the years (Although, this might not be the basis sometimes).

Most Filipinos working on a single client can earn up to 15,000–20,000 php or $250–$300 a month. Few are in a bracket of 25,000–30,000 php a month or $450-$500 a month.

Most experienced freelancers have reached 100,000 php or $2000 a month. Most of the freelancers I know in the Philippines gained this amount after a year and very few reached this salary within 6 months time.

Guide to Where Filipinos Can Learn Home Based Online Work

There are a lot of websites that can be your source for learning, and one of the sites is Howpo. You can learn a lot of work when it comes to ESL, sites to apply in regards to data entry, writing content, and other ways to earn money online.

Reviews from actual employees are shared on this site for other peoples basis in applying for work.

If you have any questions in regards to the company or the work itself, just leave a comment, and the author will mostly reply to your questions.

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