لا يزال المرء عالمًا ما طلب العلم ، فإذا ظنّ أنَّه قد علم فقد جهل

ابن المبارك

One is a scholar as long as he keeps seeking knowledge, the moment he thinks that he has learned it all, he is ignorant.

Ibn AL Mubarak.

This quote summarize my approach to learning.

This post is a reflection on week 1 question: how we learn? , on the courser course: what future of education by the Institute of Education, University of London.

How I came to find this course is why I wonna take it, I came to a point in my learning process that I found I don’t really know what kind of a learner I am, and how do we learn in the first place, and so by answering these question I hope I find the way to upgrade my learning experience and get out of randomly trying to make it work.

I’d like to explore that very process of how we add on knowledge, and how we connect it to what we already know, and make sense of it, also I’d like to know how can I figure out what and where things get wrong in my understanding, and how to be a better at approaching a certain learning experience.

The future of education in my opinion, is going towards more personalized tailored one by one experience, where everybody got a place, and no one is good for nothing.

I’m very excited to be part of this course, never had a chance to reflect before! , I’d love to read your comments on this post, and read what everybody else have to say.

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