Hi, My Name is Jack

My name is Jack, and I am schizophrenic. I’m not an attractive man, I’m not photogenic. That is the reason why you will never see me in pictures. Likes vampires, I don’t have a reflection. I don’t have my own body, because sometimes, I need to pretend to be someone else and use the name that my mother gave me.

My best friend is a clown who lives inside my ear. He likes to talk a lot, but it is weird when he answers my questions. Very often he is upset with me, because he wants to have control. That is not possible; it could be dangerous for us.

We are five friends living together in the same place, my head. Although we are five, always I hear more people whispering in my ear.

Oh boy! Right now all of them are very mad at me, because I told you my name. Between us, we have a rule; never to say our names. Don’t worry guys! I’m very sure who ever will read this will think this is just a joke.

Jack could be my name or it could be not. I’m a big liar, because I love to play with minds. I am a big joker; that is normal; I am only fifteen years old, although, I look older.

Don’t forget please, this is not my body and I don’t always have control of my words.

People like to call me crazy because sometimes I like to talk to myself. That is normal; I am a writer; I like to hear my own ideas.

I’m not dangerous, I have never killed anyone, although sometime I wish could do that. That is not true. It’s another one of my jokes.

When I am mad I love to scream, I love to cry, but never to kill someone. I have a lot of passion in me. It’s because I love to write.

I’m a good guy, a good son and a good friend, but nobody knows the truth about me. I think its’s very sad.

This is the real reason why I broke the rule and said my name.

Hello world, I am the schizophrenic Jack.

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