Common sense oral care lengthens life of teeth

Among the earliest cosmetic dentistry procedures was the teeth whitening procedure. Some of the components used in the procedure include peroxides that give the teeth a white appearance. However, the process did not give a satisfactory outcome as the degree of whiteness was not a natural white.

Immediately after the procedure it was apparent to an onlooker that the teeth coloring was not as it should be. The issue with the application of the peroxide varied due to the degree of concentration. It was a one size fits all situation with 20% peroxide becoming the industry standard.

Standard cosmetic dentistry that help oral care

his process is still in vogue if teeth’s whitening is just a mild correction of stains. The modern method is to use porcelain veneers which are a big improvement on the appearance. Modern materials and color matching capability add a natural luster and sheen which appear natural and not discernible to an observer. Veneers also have the advantage of covering damages and gaps in between teeth.

Flossing is an activity and practice advised by dentists. Flossing reaches places that even the best toothbrushes cannot. Regular practice of flossing eliminates buildup of plaque that will reduce the incidence of gum disease and tooth decay. Among flossing material single filament floss is considered the way to go. Floss will remove debris out of teeth and gums. Try it if you have never done before. You will save your teeth for a few more years.

Another common dental procedure is a gum-lift. This procedure is called gingivectomy which removes a portion of the gums to give uniformity to a smile. The standard cosmetic procedure is the fitting of braces that rectifies the shape and alignment of teeth. The modern braces are invisalign which are removable braces and practically invisible. You can fit invisalign braces during the lunch hour and be back with nobody being wiser. This is a far cry from the wire braces which were a feature in the 1980s and 90s.

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