The Best Restorative Dentist in Beverly Hills 

Dr. Joseph Goodman is among the best restorative dentists in the country. His expertise in cosmetic and veneer dentistry has enabled him to restore over 10000 porcelain veneers and crowns. It has also helped him remake a large numbers of veneers not created by cosmetic dentists. Veneers refer to thin porcelain laminates that are secured to the front part of your teeth by using specialized dental adhesives.

Designed aesthetically, porcelain veneers help in getting rid of any imperfections to your teeth caused by gaps, chips and staining. Even rotated or slanted teeth can also be treated with minimum tooth reduction. Cosmetic dentists prefer working with porcelain veneers because it is difficult to tell a natural tooth from a veneer. According to Dr. Goodman if you are able to tell a veneer from a natural tooth, then it is a complete failure.

Doctor’s Dentist

Dr. Joseph Goodman DDS reviews indicate that he is an active member of many International Dental Societies and has received several awards and citations in cosmetic and veneer dentistry. A large number of singers, celebrities, basketball players, Middle Eastern royal family members, oil sheikhs and businessmen choose Dr. Goodman to restore their teeth. His experience in working with porcelain veneers have helped him alter the shape, color, size and tooth position of hundreds of his patients. No wonder, many from the dental fraternity prefer to get their veneers done by Dr. Goodman.

Popular Dentist

Joseph Goodman DDS reviews show us that he is a leading authority on cosmetic and veneer dentistry. A role model for many upcoming cosmetic dentists, his success can be attributed to knowledge, experience, work ethic and the use of the best materials. A graduate in dentistry from the University of Aachen in Germany, Dr. Goodman follows safe and non invasive techniques to get rid of any aesthetic abnormalities and restore your smile.