Day3 of Andela Bootcamp -SLC.

I new the day ahead was not going to be easy, I then made a decision to complete part of the expected outputs the night before, but that was not a success. This is because the programming language option was limited to JavaScript yet all andela-lab exercises have to be written in python, so I had to first receive a response from my LFA to confirm the language.

The task’s for the day include:
From Adelabs:
1.) Binary Search(Programming Logic)
2.) Missing Number Lab (Programming Logic)

And a simple command line application that consumes a public API using a Http client library. This possed the most change to me since I had not approached a task of this nature, but with help from my team members I got access to online resources and was able to sort out the task. My out put is capable of accessing the Github user data if the Username is provided.

I have learned to appreciate collaboration and the magic in it is realized hence reflected in my outputs.

Way to being a world class software developer.

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