What is orthopedic and Orthopedic surgeon? BY Mitchell Cohen Orthopedic

Orthopedics is an area of surgery concerned with injuries and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system.
 You may be referred to an orthopedic consultant for treatment of an injury such as a deformity of the spine or limbs.
 Orthopedic specialists treat people of all ages groups, including newborns and children with deformities to older people
 with irreversible degenerative joint problems 
 Most consultants who work in orthopedics provide emergency and non-emergency care for musculoskeletal injuries.
 They may:
 1-diagnose injuries or disorders using X-rays, blood tests or other tests
 2-treat injuries or conditions with medication or surgery
 3-recommend exercises or physiotherapy to restore movement, strength and functionality
 Some of the most common operations orthopedic surgeons carry out include:
 1-Repairing fractured bones
 3-Repairing damaged muscles, torn tendons or torn ligaments 
 5-Surgery to correct bony deformity
 There are many orthopedic surgeon in CA they have achieved expertise in their respective area of orthopedic surgery.
 Dr. Mitchell Cohen is one of them Dr. Mitchell Cohen is an orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist treating patients 
 in Irvine, California, and the surrounding communities. 
 His practice is entirely devoted to the treatment of spinal disorders, and Dr. Cohen holds certification from the 
 American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Cohen is also a member of professional organizations including the North 
 American Spine Society and the American College of Spine Surgery.