Have an IDEA/PROJECT but don’t know how to start??? THE S.M.A.R.T MODEL will fix it fast and finely on its way to fruition. Guess whose using it???

Have you ever had an idea so good, so innovative and so...lingering in your head for years and years.. IF we can wrap our minds on the fact, that everyday great ideas, projects, research endeavours, inventions and tasks are being stalled, we as a society are lacking an exponentially large amount of potentially incredulous contributory works to the world.*[(M.I.S.D)Dr.S.Mitha]

I can tell you one thing about modern society, it is not the “What” that stalls a person, it is the “How” that largely prevents execution of great endeavours. Here is a formula one- can use for any project/product launch that has been brewing inside their cerebral cortex, you know who you are, waiting for the golden moment for someone to realize what’s inside your head and the potential it holds and to magically make it happen? with that mentality, it will never happen! Not to worry, you can always make your ideas reality, the”How” is the key. the S.M.A.R.T model is the way!

S-be specific about your idea-know your 5 W’s and the target audience for your product or project. Most importantly, know your “Why”. The ‘Why” is the reason you are putting strenuous amounts of effort into this idea, so know the reason you feel society will benefit from this concept and work with deep conviction to bring it to life. so have vision, be driven and be focused!

M- be meticulous, be detailed oriented and know the exact capital required to generate the idea, the physical logistics needed to execute the idea and the technical amenities required to foster the success of the idea. so be organized, be awesome and be aware!

A- be adaptive-once the project/product is ready for introduction to the world, find ways to acclimatize yourself to any environment. The ease at which you will be able to adapt to any setting will pave the way for more and more people to experience your endeavor. So be easy, breezy, adaptable!

*R-be resourceful this is THE most important of this model. Be able to use your environment at your disposal. Be alert to what is around you and savvy in what you can use at your fingertips to complete needed tasks. Being resourceful is a common attribute of self-made millionaires, take a page from their ability to make anything in their path usable for their cause. So be determined, be open minded and use your neurons!

T- be tenacious- be driven. Have tenacity, don’t let any obstacle, any amount of financial set backs and person(s) deter you from evolving your idea into fruition. YOU know the value this product/concept will bring to your world, you know how amazing people will feel experiencing the project you have put your heart and soul into making reality and you know fully well, this will be a benefit to our society. so do not let anything bring you down, be excited, be invested and be your amazing self!

bonus 2! it’s a gift!!!! success is a state of mind, make it happen!

E-be effective-be efficient and effective in delivering your message. Use color, props, stock images and the innate use of our 5 senses(taste, touch, smell, see, hear) to further the tangible experience of the consumer. So be colorful, larger than life and full of intent in all that you do!

R-Resolve-be diligent in resolving and completing daily tasks. In order to ensure each day is productive and moving towards your completed goal, you must resolve your to-do list in a timely and determined way. So be on it! Be productive! and watch it happen!!!

Now..don’t you feel S.M.A.R.T.E.R ALREADY?!!!

written by Dr. Salma Mitha


The H.A.L.O Effect is a corporate branch of the H.A.L.O Project

project, hope and live on everyone!

If you feel stuck on a project or need a boost in fresh ideas, send me an email. The H.A.L.O Effect is designed to get entrepreneurs OUT of the clog and into the realm of moving with passion, solutions and innovation. kindcarelife@gmail.com

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