Till now and to the date of my writing, the curve of infected cases is soaring exponentially, how will we flatten the curve, is the target of every government.

The clock is ticking and the world economy is heading nowhere but towards a definite depression. We must act smart before the numbers get totally out of control. I listened to Bill Gates a couple of days ago and his opinion about this whole situation, I must totally agree with him on this.

Panic is the pill of death in the following scenario, it is either you swallow it at once or not touch it at all, half panic is the worst of all.

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Moving teeth effectively and shortening treatment durations has been the sweet spot of orthodontics since modern orthodontics has evolved over a century ago.
So many trials throughout history have been recorded. The most effective empirical methods to monitor tooth movement efficiency with clear aligners were either the biological methods or the clinical trials. Since clear aligners are clearly a removable orthodontic device and can't be fixed to teeth, the forces applied on teeth are basically intermittent in nature.

Clinical data and biological findings on the reactivation rhythm of orthodontic appliances are extremely important to improving the efficiency and safety of the orthodontic treatment. Here I want to give a glimpse of a new technology that might change the way we think about clear aligner treatments or even whole orthodontics. …

I used to be a self-help junkie hopping on every course or reading any article to improve my skills and unleash a better me. Having a subscription on Medium opens up a lifetime supply of articles under the self-help category.

After some time I got super bored with the topics as they all revolve around the same concepts and intersect together. …

Sherif Kandil

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